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House by House

Danielle Welch reports on the rural church-planters who are risking persecution as they take the gospel house-by-house across India. Read how you can help pray and equip these evangelists to share the good news. Pastor Suresh is showing me around one of his 23 churches. We’re standing on top of a hill, sheltering from the […]

God Speaks my Language

Jess Bee discovers how SGM Lifewords’ publishing legacy still brings life to many, through an archive of a thousand-plus translations of the Bible’s life words, re-imagined for a digital age. “I know it’s not easy to follow Jesus’ road. People mock believers. But that’s ok because when you follow Jesus you know your sins are […]

Indonesia | Confronting

My first day in Indonesia can be summed up with one word – confronting. Confronting because of the wonderful colour, joy and enthusiasm everywhere. Confronting also because of the great poverty and suffering many have endured. “Selamat Pagi” (good morning in Indonesian) are the words that started our day. We are in Indonesia this week to […]

The passing of a supporter leaves a significant financial gap

We have been blessed to have amazing core supporters who give to our organisation monthly in order to see the general ministry continue. This is the part of charity work that is not glamorous – keeping the bills paid, the staff on board and the government happy. However, a number of people believe so much […]

How our Indonesian ministry shocked a supporter

There’s no doubt about it: our work in Indonesia is exciting. We’re reaching into poor communities; church planting in rural villages; equipping pastors and missionaries with our programs; and sending booklets far and wide. Aussies seem to have a soft spot for Indonesia, perhaps because of our love for Bali as our favourite holiday destination, […]

Help a Bible student fulfill their calling in 2015

Many Bible College students in Indonesia struggle to make ends meet and have no support from Muslim family and friends. So last year, SGM LW arranged a sponsorship program where we help them with their education and mission work. Well new recruits have arrived, and so has our opportunity to bless them! With just $55 […]

Booklet Appeal: Provision for 40,000 Bible resources

Thank you to those who have prayed and/or generously contributed to our Booklet Appeal throughout the Spring months! You have made it possible for us to provide 40,000 new Bible booklets! SGM Lifewords has had a significant period of growth in Australia-New Zealand over the past 12 months. An increasing number of people, churches and […]

PROGRESS REPORT: Booklet Appeal after 2 weeks…

2 weeks ago, we launched our Booklet Appeal in the hope to raise $30,000 for 60,000 new Bible booklets. It’s a real faith step for us, as we hope that people really get on board with our initiatives to publish and spread God’s word where it is greatly needed! 2 week report is below: At […]

“Print Campaign” raising money for 60,000 new booklets for Australia

The past 6 months has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people ordering Bible Booklets from SGM Lifewords. This is a great thing and we’re getting some amazing testimonies of life change! However, the strong demand and growth of SGMLW in Australia has raised an URGENT need: For us to raise $30,000 in […]

How Student Sponsorship Works: