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A life well lived…

Today we mourn the passing of Vera, one of our young mission students in Indonesia. She had a great passion for God’s word and loved to serve the poor in her community. Post by SGM Lifewords Aust-NZ.

Mission in flip flops… really?

On casual Friday, people turn up to work in jeans and a smart shirt. But very few would even think to bust out the iconic Aussie thongs (or better known to our international friends as “flip flops”). But this summer, Christians are on mission in a unique environment where it wouldn’t be out of place […]

Mission students: starting the year strong

This week, dozens of mission students will return to Jakarta from their Christmas break. Most have been visiting their home villages, seeing family and loved ones for the first time in a year. But the new year kicks in quickly as the need never goes on break. So many of the city poor struggle through […]

4 Things We Do

What does SGM Lifewords do? Here it is in 4 simple points… 1. We create and give Bible booklets… free. We want the Bible to be accessible and understood by everyday people who don’t usually read scripture. And we freely give Bible resources because we believe the Bible should be accessible to everyone regardless of […]

Students have a huge impact, but struggle with small wallet

“Why did I start a Bible College? Because I have a dream to reach tens of thousands of Indonesians with the gospel. I don’t think it’s just my dream, but God’s dream. It may be possible if we do it together…” Gunar Sahari, SGM Lifewords Indonesia Now, with 160 full-time students, Gunar’s dream is becoming […]

Facebook: Friend or Foe?

William Walters was a cutting edge kind of guy. When he started SGM in 1888, he was using new print technology to do business and chose to use the same tool to spread God’s Word. 125yrs later, the world has changed but the Word remains the same. People are reading less and less from paper […]

Could teens ever bless the elderly?

In my neighbourhood, people’s needs aren’t obvious. No one walks around with a sign that says, “I’m hungry” or “I’m lonely”. If people need clothes or support, there are organisations who specialise in helping with these matters. So it can take a little effort to personally find needs and meet them. It takes the effort […]

Dan in Indonesia: Live update

I’m writing from Indonesia, where Pak Gunar and I are trekking around some rural villages with a car full of Bible booklets and resources. We are on “mobile mission” with the goal of encouraging & equipping church planters and mission workers. I’m writing briefly to encourage you that together we’re really making a difference! For […]

Banyak hamba Tuhan membutuhkan pelatihan “Kisah Nyata”

In Jakarta last month, Ps Gunar Sahari invited a few pastors to learn about the SGM Lifewords’ booklets – but more than a few turned up! Once the word got out, the small informal meeting turned into a seminar with 30 Pastors eager for Bible resources and The Visible Story training. Many of our resources […]

Everything is free. So how did we make it to 125yrs?

This year, we celebrate 125 years of Bible mission work! We believe the Bible should be available to everyone, so we make all our booklets and programs available for free. So how has SGM Lifewords kept going if we give everything for free? In fact, how have we kept growing? The answer is simple: People […]