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“Print Campaign” raising money for 60,000 new booklets for Australia

The past 6 months has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people ordering Bible Booklets from SGM Lifewords. This is a great thing and we’re getting some amazing testimonies of life change! However, the strong demand and growth of SGMLW in Australia has raised an URGENT need: For us to raise $30,000 in […]

Bringing God’s Word to the sex industry

NEW VIDEO: Dan Hardie and the Lifewords’ team at Sydney Sexpo event.  “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 (NIV)

Indigenous inmate finds God, writes song

The maximum security prison holds the hardest of criminals – men who have taken the lives of their own family members; sex offenders; gang members who have multiple serious offenses; and even some who have re-offended within the prison walls. Most would agree that prison inmates need God. They need his grace. They need to […]

How Student Sponsorship Works:

Students on Mission- July update

This Quarter – Students build a Learning Centre in a slum; celebrate the World Cup with street football; share God’s love through The Visible Story to 80+ people; and give food & education for children in poor communities. There are now 18 Indonesian missionary students being sponsored through SGM Lifewords. Each week they hit the […]

An Overview: Reaching street children

Providing help for street children isn’t easy. Many children are traumatised by their life on the street or the experience that put them there in the first place. They are often alienated, have low self esteem, and are wary of accepting help.  You can take the child out of the streets, but you can’t take […]

Help! I’m working with teens!

We get our most feedback from people who are working with teens and finding it difficult to get them to engage with scripture. So many tell us that the Little Book of Help is such a blessing to them. Here’s another one from Elyse Atkins of the Salvation Army who just ordered 200 books for […]

Success! Aussie generosity makes the difference

Late last year, SGM Lifewords launched a program to sponsor missional students who just couldn’t do their mission or study without financial support. This is not actually new for us: For many years, we have partnered closely with missional Bible Colleges who send students to the mission field. We have resourced them, trained them with […]

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Bible brings comfort to volcano survivors

Thousands of Bible booklets have been sent to the volcano area of Mount Kelud where 100,000 people have been displaced. Some have perished, while thousands are homeless and uncertain of their future. Our Indonesian Director, Gunar Sahari gave us this report: “Last week we sent a lot of booklets to Pastor Sukarli. He serves among […]