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Escolha Vida!

When political institutions fail and rates of violence, crime, and drug use soar, young people need a new and better story to live by. Jess Bee reports on the first pilot of Choose Life in Brazil – helping to shape lives through the Bible’s life words. In southern Brazil a group of children play a […]

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House by House

Danielle Welch reports on the rural church-planters who are risking persecution as they take the gospel house-by-house across India. Read how you can help pray and equip these evangelists to share the good news. Pastor Suresh is showing me around one of his 23 churches. We’re standing on top of a hill, sheltering from the […]

God Speaks my Language

God Speaks my Language

Jess Bee discovers how SGM Lifewords’ publishing legacy still brings life to many, through an archive of a thousand-plus translations of the Bible’s life words, re-imagined for a digital age. “I know it’s not easy to follow Jesus’ road. People mock believers. But that’s ok because when you follow Jesus you know your sins are […]


Latest Interact Magazine

God speaks my language For almost 130 years, SGM Lifewords has played a large role in making the Bible accessible to all. With over 22,000 archived resources in more than 200 languages, our new issue of Interact discusses the incredible impact this is having around the world. To receive a posted copy of this latest Interact magazine, simply pop an email […]


War, wounds and words of life

Bishop John Taylor Smith was the Chaplain General to the British Forces during the First World War. He was often to be found at the front line talking to officers and their men. He wanted to understand the conditions in which they lived, fought and died. Taylor Smith was deeply concerned for the spiritual and […]



1. ANZAC DAY SERVICES RSA, churches and many others have been ordering these Gospels to give away at Anzac Day services. 2. CHURCHES ANZAC day is a commemoration of great sacrifice made for our benefit, so is a great opportunity to point people to the greatest sacrifice for our benefit – the Lord Jesus. If […]

Lord Robert's Message

Lord Roberts’ words

Lord Roberts’ words – WW1 and the Bible 100 years on It has now been more than 100 years since the outbreak of WW1 – let’s consider some words from Lord Roberts, last Commander-in-Chief of the Forces. On the 4th of August 1914, the British Empire entered what was to become the First World War, and her […]


Indonesia | Confronting

My first day in Indonesia can be summed up with one word – confronting. Confronting because of the wonderful colour, joy and enthusiasm everywhere. Confronting also because of the great poverty and suffering many have endured. “Selamat Pagi” (good morning in Indonesian) are the words that started our day. We are in Indonesia this week to […]

Pohutukawa red flowers blossom on the month of December over a sandy beach with a small fishing boat doubtless bay New Zealand.


Christmas presents a great opportunity to share God’s word and the real meaning of Christmas. Here are 7 ideas on how you can make this Christmas bigger and better for others around you: 1 | Share a Meal Sharing a meal with someone is such a good way to really get to know them, so […]