Ordinary People – Extraordinary God

It is early afternoon and I am watching 60 – 70 men and women, mostly young adults, huddled in groups of 2 – 3 with their Bibles open. We are at the Equip Conference – a conference that has been training Bible teachers year in year out, for well over a decade in New Zealand. This afternoon Shona, a good friend of mine and I have been leading a seminar on reading the Scriptures one to one, as we seek to see God’s word transforming us into the likeness of Jesus.

One of the things we are encouraging people to think about is reading the Bible one to one with a non-believer – to help them discover for themselves the claims Jesus makes about himself, and to find life in him. If you have ever tried it you will know it can be a messy process – but one I am convinced of the value. There are so many people around us that have never formed view of who Jesus is based on reading the Bible. Increasingly opinions are being formed based on the tiniest glimpse of who He is.

As we wrap up I offer Replica WWI John’s gospels to anyone who would like to take them, and we pray together. What if half of the people here today start reading the Bible with someone over the next few weeks?

A couple of days later, I received a text message from a friend who was there:

“Hi Dave, really appreciate you giving out those John’s gospels the other day! [My wife] put two in her handbag. Last night we went to a Pak N Save and there were two homeless men outside. After studying James all week we felt challenged to show our faith, buy them some food and have a short chat about Jesus. We were also conveniently able to give them the word of God in written form! Thanks bro, hope you are encouraged and that you, and the family have a great week!”

I am always encouraged by these stories of ordinary people, doing ordinary things that provide a way into God’s word for someone who otherwise wouldn’t have it.

Why not order copies of the replica WWI John’s Gospel here, and look for opportunities especially in the approach to ANZAC day?

I would love to hear how you are sharing God’s life words!

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