Jakarta, Indonesia 2018

We have a great God!

Dan Hardie (Australia & NZ director) and I have just spent 5 days in Jakarta with the team, seeing how God has been moving through our work with street children in the slum areas, in the leprosy community, and in the orphanage and community centre in Bumi Inda.

Once again I was struck by the joy many in these communities have, despite the struggle and suffering they have faced.

  • We saw how in the slum areas, the government has again demolished the shelters that had been erected for families and watched as children played, sang, and listened to a gospel talk together.
  • We saw, prayed with, and ate with leprosy sufferers who have experienced a life of pain, lost limbs, and living as outcasts.
  • We gathered with children who have lost one or both of their parents, yet week in and week out they have found a new family amongst God’s people.
  • We met with students and graduates from Pulita Dunia who have a passion for seeing the gospel spread and the kingdom grow.

Here are some of the highlights:

DSC_1671The children who live in the Tana Abung area love the games, songs and teaching provided by people like Kasih, who has completed her studies at Pulita Dunia Seminary.

DSC_1810The women in Tana Abung, gathering for a church service in a shelter made from bamboo, singing together before hearing God’s Word.

DSC_1522Authorities have again demolished the houses and shelters in the Tana Abung slum areas. This area was home to many families just a few months ago.

DSC_2113We are so thankful for the Australian and New Zealand supporters who made it possible for the children at Bumi Inda to receive Christmas gift packs.

DSC_2419What a joy to pray with and for people in the Leprosy Community in Jakarta – many have known suffering and been outcast their whole lives.

DSC_2030Chapel service at Pulita Dunia Seminary. Students come from all around Indonesia to be equipped over 5 years to extend God’s kingdom.

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