Indonesia | Confronting

My first day in Indonesia can be summed up with one word – confronting. Confronting because of the wonderful colour, joy and enthusiasm everywhere. Confronting also because of the great poverty and suffering many have endured.

“Selamat Pagi” (good morning in Indonesian) are the words that started our day. We are in Indonesia this week to encourage and support the great work over here. I was so encouraged to join a class of around 45 students who have just started at Pelita Dunia Theological Seminary. They will study for five years, preparing for a lifetime of gospel ministry. Many of these students come from poor villages spread across Indonesia’s 922 inhabited islands, and arrived in Jakarta not knowing how they will pay for their study. It was a real delight to see their enthusiasm in singing, studying the scriptures, and learning how to share the message of Jesus in a context where many are illiterate.

Later, we visited a church service in a leper colony also in Jakarta. I was struck by how the gospel has transformed the lives of people who have suffered so greatly as outcasts in their society. Imagine living for over 40 years without any physical contact from another human being!!! That has been the reality for some here, yet to sing with them, and hear them talk of the love of Christ they have, paints such a beautiful picture of what hope in heaven looks like in this desperately broken world!

I am so thankful for your partnership in the gospel that means this valuable ministries continues! Join with me in praying for these dear brothers and sisters in Indonesia, and for the many here who do not know that hope!

Tuhan memberkati (God Bless),

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