Christmas presents a great opportunity to share God’s word and the real meaning of Christmas. Here are 7 ideas on how you can make this Christmas bigger and better for others around you:

1 | Share a Meal

Sharing a meal with someone is such a good way to really get to know them, so why not invite people to a meal or a BBQ at your place. Look for opportunities to listen to their story, and share together what Christmas truly means. At the heart of Christian hospitality is welcoming and loving strangers – you don’t need to serve an ornate meal, just invite people into your home and life.

Christmas_a little story2 | Share God’s Word

God has spoken powerfully in his Word, revealing himself and giving life to his people through it. Give the gift of God’s word at your Christmas event, church service, or even in Christmas cards. I would love to send you some copies of  “A little story about something big” as one option. Order copies here for FREE!

3 | Pray for People

We have a wonderful and loving God who delights in answering our prayers! Pray for God’s mercy and love for people this Christmas. Offer to pray for people who are sick, stressed, lonely or tired throughout the Christmas season. Most people will see it as kind & caring.

4 | Serve Those in Need

We have received so much as people dearly loved by God, so it is fitting for us to find ways to practically love others who are in need! Serve the poor and needy in you area by helping at a local aid organisation, or getting involved in a soup kitchen or shelter.

5 | Celebrate Christmas Together

The gospel breaks down cultural and social barriers, uniting us in the love and hope we have received. A great way to express that is to organise a Christmas party and invite those who are on the outer – try to include people who don’t have family, are single mums, or people away from home.

6 | Visit People

Christmas is a time we share with friends and family we love, but it can also be such a lonely time of year for some people. Even the small act of visiting a retirement village to sing carols or share some Christmas cake could be such an encouragement. Take time to sit and read the story of Christmas with those who are often forgotten and neglected.

7 | Give God’s WordSGMLW7253_Silent Night fc

Another way to give God’s word this Christmas could be the “Silent Night” booklet from SGM Lifeword’s. It details the amazing Christmas Truce story from WW1 – putting down weapons in a rare moment of peace. Isn’t that what Christmas is about? Order copies for FREE here.

What are Your Ideas?

I would love to hear your ideas of how to share God’s life words over the Christmas period. Let us know in the comments section below.

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