Giving Christmas to kids who never get one!

2015 was the first year of our Aussie Mums 4 Indo Kids campaign where over 140 Aussie Mums - Christmas lunch ran out_KFCreplacementAussie Mums gave so that Indonesian street children can get Christmas. These kids watch as the middle and upper class celebrate Christmas among themselves, and our Lifewords team thought it was not good enough to enjoy Christmas knowing that these kids go without. Surely we can make a difference – and we have!!


AussieMums - Christmas gifts2Over 1250 kids were blessed because of the generosity of Aussie Mums, who really know how to give great gifts at Christmas. In the Western world, we often make the mistake of circulating generosity among ourselves and forget those who have nothing! Not this year. $11,000 was raised to share with Indonesian Kids, and we’re sure that this is just the start. These photos show some of the kids who received a Christmas gift, lunch and a Care Pack containing toiletries and hygiene kits. When they received their gifts, so many of children were overwhelmed with the thought that people in another country would care for them and make Christmas special for them.

“I didn’t know I would get a present this Christmas. But them Mr Gunar came and we sang some songs with the group, ate lunch together and then received a present. It is my first present.” Assa, 12 yrs old

AussieMums - Christmas Gifts_GunarGunar (pictured) has felt so blessed that Aussie Mums would think that his ministry is valuable enough to support. They would honestly work with thousands of people living in shanty towns and city slums, and for them to be able to provide Christmas is a HUGE blessing to their ministry. And although the goal was originally $12,500 for 1250 kids, our team were able to make the $11,195 spread to still reach 1250 kids, even if the last few ended up with KFC boxes! But they were still happy, as it was the first time they had every had KFC!

One final thought: Our Lifewords team know these kids by name. They work with them week-in, week-out. They regularly bring rice and milk as they run education programs, outreach events and weekend ministry. To provide Christmas is like the icing on the cake to a fruitful year of ministry and hard work. Thanks so much for being part of it!!


AussieMums- Christmas gifts4

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