The passing of a supporter leaves a significant financial gap

We have been blessed to have amazing core supporters who give to our organisation monthly in order to see the general ministry continue. This is the part of charity work that is not glamorous – keeping the bills paid, the staff on board and the government happy. However, a number of people believe so much in what we do and the impact we make that they support the general work of SGM Lifewords so we can continue to do our mission after 127 years running.

Sadly, last month we lost one of our longest supporters of the SGM mission in Australia. This person was not highly verbal, nor did they want to be named as a financial supporter. They just wanted to see God’s word advance and liked that we had such a rich legacy of sending millions of scriptures around the world to areas that need it most. They gave us $250/month to contribute to our general funds, which helped immensely! That is so important for us at the moment, as we have been re-establishing our work in Australia and building up our support so we can not only be self-sustaining but also be a resource hub for the Asia-Pacific region!

Over many decades, the Lord has raised up different people to see his work continue. We have faith that as some go to be with the Lord, he will see the baton passed to the next generation. We are praying that God would stir people to support our work. Even the unglamorous of supporting us organisationally. We want to be a healthy organisation. We want to keep publishing scriptures and getting them to the thousands of people who can least afford them. It’s an exciting time for SGM Lifewords, and we are really taking ground. Our prayer is that you would join us in the mission and consider becoming a core monthly supporter, continuing the legacy that our dear friend has left for others to take on.

If you’d like to contribute monthly, please write an email with the subject “core support” at 

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