How does an Indonesian Bible College graduate get a job?

Imagine studying for 5 years and then having no job to go to!? This is the situation for many Bible College graduates who have a passion for reaching the lost and making an impact in their community.

Pak Jimmy studied theology for 5 years, feeling a call to do church planting and reach out to the poor. Last year, he graduated from the Moriah Theological Seminary and was teaching part-time at Pelita Dunia, the sister college that focuses on mission to the poor and church planting. He didn’t study his degree to teach in the College though; his heart is for those in the village areas who never receive the gospel.

“When I found the Lord, my life was changed. Jesus Christ changed my whole perspective and outlook on life. And he has called me to bring this same good news to others. I think of the people in the village I grew up in, and I just want to reach people like them. So many have nothing and not much hope, but I can bring hope in Jesus.”

Earlier this year, we wrote to you about Pak Jimmy, asking if anyone would support him as he starts a ministry in the area of Bumi Indah, Tangerang. In faith, he had already started a small school for primary-aged children who can’t get to a school. He had no money to even start that, so Pak Gunar Sahari (SGM Lifewords) and our team gave support to help him make a start. 4 College students are spending their “field ministry” year with him, teaching daily classes which now have 110 children attending. Now they have started a mid-week Bible study group with 40 adults attending, and Pak Jimmy is now ready to move his family into the community and work full time.

When we launched a student sponsorship program 2 years ago, we wanted to get alongside College students who were actively putting into practice the things they were learning. They are active every weekend with outreaches that reach and serve the poor. Most students are from poor communities themselves, and so we still actively support their work as we fulfil our SGM Lifewords mission to bring God’s life words to those who need it most.

Pak Jimmy was one of our first Lifewords’ sponsored students.

Now he is a mature graduate, the oldest in his class and a man with passion and authority. The amazing thing is that some Aussies have really got behind the vision and we praise God that a number of people made a response to the story and request to support Pak Jimmy. It’s exciting to think that we can have a part to play in a new generation of church leaders who are planting churches which are growing and reaching the lost and bringing hope to those who need it most!

Thank you for sharing this mission and burden for the lost. We see thousands of Bible booklets shared by these students and graduates. There are 5 more graduates who are starting ministries in the coming months, so if you’d like to join the mission, please don’t hesitate to contact to get on board.

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