Aussie Mums for Indo Kids – Christmas Campaign

LAUNCH DATE: Monday, 9th November!!!

Aussies are generous and love giving gifts at Christmas. There’s plenty of feasting, gifts and happiness – and it’s great! Our Lifewords team in Indonesia are working weekly in poor communities, spreading that same love & generosity to street kids and orphans.

Last year, our Indonesian Director, Gunar, and a team of students wanted to bring Christmas joy to those who never get to celebrate. They took whatever funds they could muster up and bought gifts and lunch for the city poor who have to watch on as everyone else does Christmas. And, wow, what an impact for that community! The reality is that if Gunar and team had more funds, they could do the same for so many more. Here’s where we step in…

With a team of volunteers and a bunch of generous Aussies behind them, we can join Gunar and give Christmas to 1250 of the street poor who would be blown away by the love shared with them. It’s not that hard for us, but would mean the world to them!

We would love it if you joined the cause and helped make it happen. The action step is super-simple: $10 gives Christmas to an Indo kid. $100 = 10 kids. You get the drift. You would bless those kids MASSIVELY!! Better still, we’d love you to become an advocate and sign up for a “personal fundraiser page” in the top right corner here! Pick a target goal for yourself and get family & friends to join your cause as you become an Aussie mum for an Indo kid this Christmas.

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