Anzac Day – WW1 gospels well received

Testimony from ANZAC Day memorial, 2015:

Julie Alexander, Maldon Baptist Church

My husband, Gavin, and I distributed the WW1 replica Gospels yesterday at the Maldon (Victoria) Anzac Day RSL service held at the cenotaph in our town gardens. The RSL members were very agreeable for us distributing them to the crowd and were the instigators of us doubling our original order – they didn’t want anyone to miss out.

As people arrived for the service we explained what these Gospels are [as replica’s of the gospels that were given 100 years ago] and we offered them to individuals. Only two people said, “no thanks”. During the service, Gavin explained to the whole crowd [the significance of these gospels for troops who were facing life and death situations], and that these replica gospels were available.

It started to rain during the service so there was a mad scramble at the end, not just for shelter, but towards Gavin and I and the gospels! I’ve never experienced anything like it – Aussies clamoring for a copy of God’s Word! We made sure all the veterans received a copy, plus the officiating dignitaries, including our local state parliament Member. We had so many good conversations. One lady took one for her daughter who is currently serving in the Middle East. Some took an extra copy for family or friends unable to attend the service. An elderly lady said she even had an original! We gave one to the editor of our local newspaper and she said she would do an item about them in the paper.

We are praying that God’s living Word will be as eagerly opened and read, not just taken as a “collector’s item”.

God bless SGM!


Gavin & Julie Alexander
Maldon Baptist Church

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