7 ways to use the WW1 Gospel of John

Have you seen our WW1 Anniversary edition of John’s Gospel? It was created for the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Here are ten ways you could use it in your community.

1)     ANZAC day events – RSL clubs, churches and many others have been ordering these gospels to give away at ANZAC day services. You could also use our two minute silence video.

2)      Open churches – If your church is open to visitors, leave some WW1 Anniversary Gospels on a display rack for people to take away, especially if your church has a connection to local regiments or a war memorial.

3)      Schools – Schools throughout the country will be marking the anniversary of the war in various ways. Use the gospels and these corresponding lesson plans from Scripture Union to learn about the Gospels and what they meant to those who received them.

4)      Youth groups – Show our short film ‘Hill 63’ to raise the question of what people would be prepared to die for. Then read the story of ‘Singing Jim’ that’s in the Active Service Gospel as a real-life example. Teens have been happy to receive one of these relic-looking gospels.

5)      Scout and cadets – These groups are often involved in ANZAC day and other military or civic events. We’ve already heard from cadet chaplains planning to present young people with an Anniversary Gospel.

6)      History societies – there’s a fascinating story to the pocket Gospels and the soldiers who received them. We’ve sent stories and images to some interested groups already – just get in touch if you’d like to do a presentation and give Gospels away.

7)  Armed forces chaplains – Navy, air force and army chaplains are using thousands of these Anniversary Gospels with those in active service. Pray for them and encourage them! And if you are involved in chaplaincy work, feel free to contact us for gospels that you can also use.

The “Active Service: Gospel of John replica” can be ordered at www.australia.sgmlifewords.com/order-resources/

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