Stop Child witchcraft accusations

Child witchcraft accusationsAt the beginning of 2012 Interact reported on how Pavement Project is being used to bring hope and healing to children falsely accused of witchcraft in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now SGM Lifewords is part of a coalition of Christian organisations calling for an end to child witch accusations across the world.The Stop Child Witch Accusations coalition (SCWA), which also includes Bethany Children’s Trust, one of our Pavement Project partners, has recently launched a new website and published a report called “Responding to beliefs that harm children”. The coalition is urging churches all over the world to play their part in ending harm to children; to explore, understand, and tackle the roots of this difficult issue.Speaking on the UK’s Premier Christian Radio in September last year, Susie Howe, team leader of SCWA and director of Bethany Children’s Trust, shared the vision: “We want to help churches understand God’s heart for children and what Scripture says about this issue … to help them be an influence in bringing about change in practices and understanding in their communities.”To find out more about SCWA and how you can support their work visit their website. You can also read about how Pavement Project is helping children falsely accused ofwitchcraft in “Lifting the Curse”..

By Bethan Collingridge, SGM Lifewords UK

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