Students on Mission- July update

This Quarter – Students build a Learning Centre in a slum; celebrate the World Cup with street football; share God’s love through The Visible Story to 80+ people; and give food & education for children in poor communities.

There are now 18 Indonesian missionary students being sponsored through SGM Lifewords. Each week they hit the streets, slums or villages in an effort to meet needs and bring God’s love. Without your support, they could not do all of these things, so thankyou for partnering with them in spreading God’s love and word.

This quarter, we offer an update on what they have been doing and how the Lord has been using them to bring his light and love to those who need it most. If you’re short on time, take a quick look at the photo slideshow for an overview…

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LEARNING CENTRE IN CIDENG: The slum community of Cideng, Jakarta is home to a few thousand people. Real numbers are impossible to know, but dozens of students from the Pelita Dunia and Moriah Colleges go weekly to meet physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

In the slum of Cideng, students have built a simple learning centre for education, worship and counselling.

In the slum of Cideng, students have built a simple learning centre for education, worship and counselling.

Over the past few months, they have been building a small, simple Learning Centre so that students can run education classes, worship services and conduct Pavement Project counselling. A box of SGM Lifewords’ booklets can be locked up in a cupboard so that students are always able share God’s word and offer a gift to those whom they meet. Students, like Valen, Yostan and Nelson, were even involved in the building of the Centre. Pak Gunar Sahari (Indonesian Director for SGM Lifewords) said,

“This is all part of what it is to be a Christian presence. The people know we are here to help, to love and bless. They receive our food parcels or noodles or rice, and they are open to hearing about Jesus who is central to our faith and lives. I am very proud of our students, and look forward to seeing many people come to faith through this.”

The learning centre provides an environment out of the elements, so that rain, hail or shine, the student ministry can continue.

Students give food parcels to children in Tanah Abang

Students give food parcels to children in Tanah Abang

EDUCATION & LITERACY: It doesn’t sound like “Bible work”, but when our teams of students go into poor communities and offer help, it shows that Christian faith is not just a belief, but a holistic practice of bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. The past 3 months, there have been 2 new learning environments created by students to give poor children the opportunity to learn reading and writing. Jeffrey, who leads one of these new initiatives makes the observation,

“Most of the children leave the community to attend school, but if school comes to them, they are mostly willing to come. We always give food parcels, milk and rice. We teach them Math, reading and writing. We will also use Bible booklets to help them to read God’s word and understand who God is and what He has done for us all.”

Please pray for the students as they continue this weekly task.


Students play football with teens on the streets

Students play football with teens on the streets

There’s nothing like a bit of fun to bring a connection between two different communities. To be honest, many of the College students find it difficult to strike up friendship and conversation with total strangers. So when a ball is produced and a few sticks are erected as goal posts, the connection becomes so much easier! Throughout the June World Cup, students have been playing weekly games of football with teens on the streets, building a bridge and offering drinks and nibbles afterward.

THE VISIBLE STORY: All students get trained in how to use the SGM Lifewords picture-presentation called, The Visible Story.

Inside the new centre, women and children engage with The Visible Story

Inside the new centre, women and children engage with The Visible Story

The purpose was to have a visual aid that would help preachers tell some of Jesus’ parables in a way that the illiterate listener would see and remember. The program offers a little twist on traditional preaching in that the listeners are invited to inject feedback, their own examples and engage with the story. When we created the program, we didn’t realise that it would also have another effect: It brings confidence to students who would otherwise hesitate to enter a God-conversation or make a sermon to unknown persons. All of a sudden, quiet, hesitant students take the colourful flipchart and say, “Hey, can I show you something? It’s a story you might enjoy.” Then children and adults alike become interested in the pictures and the story, and suddenly a group of people are engaged with God’s word in a way that would not otherwise happen. During the past few months, students have told of numerous people hearing and accepting Christ through the sharing, and they feel increasingly empowered to share God’s word with others. The success of The Visible Story is actually surprising us!!


I (Dan Hardie) would like to finish this update with a huge THANKYOU to those who have jumped on board with our student sponsorship program and are offering $55 per month for a student to be equipped with Bible Resources, be helped with their college fees, and contribute to their livelihood. God bless and please keep praying for them!

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