Indigenous inmate finds God, writes song

prison ministry The maximum security prison holds the hardest of criminals – men who have taken the lives of their own family members; sex offenders; gang members who have multiple serious offenses; and even some who have re-offended within the prison walls.

Most would agree that prison inmates need God. They need his grace. They need to know his love. They need his forgiveness and mercy. They need redemption and a new life.

SGM Lifewords‘ puts a lot of value on getting God’s Word to those who need it most, so we’ve been sending nearly 1000 scriptures to prison chaplains right across Australia. One particular chaplain has been writing to us over the past few months, telling how God is really using the booklets to bless, inspire and change the hearts of prison inmates!

“I can’t believe how much these books are making a difference. God’s word is powerful!! I have been giving one of your Little Book of Character to each inmate I talk with. Then today, one particular indigenous man came to me with the book in hand and said, “I turned turned the words of this into a song. It’s like God was talking to me, I just had it suddenly in my head”. He then sang part of the song to me, unaccompanied, at one the  tables in the unit in which he is confined. A few of his mates stood by enjoying his singing as I did. The opening verse was something about God giving him courage, and it moved on to include some of the verses from Proverbs in the booklet.

Thank you for producing this booklet and sending copies to us to share God’s word. There is something so special about it that speaks to these men in prison!”

Praise God for these prison chaplains and their work! Let’s keep praying for them. This is exactly why we continue to send thousands of Bible booklets around the country, and why we will shortly print 60,000 NEW BIBLE BOOKLETS in Australia, so that we can bring the light to inmates, hospital patients, teenagers, the elderly and anyone else in need! Please prayerfully consider how you could help us print 60,000 as we move into our spring fundraiser.

Dan H

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