Success! Aussie generosity makes the difference

Can continue his ministry because we gave

Nelson can continue his ministry because we gave

Late last year, SGM Lifewords launched a program to sponsor missional students who just couldn’t do their mission or study without financial support. This is not actually new for us: For many years, we have partnered closely with missional Bible Colleges who send students to the mission field. We have resourced them, trained them with our programs, translated into local languages and joined together in Mobile Missions.

The problem was, we are giving Bible resources to students who couldn’t reach their mission field or continue their training because they had no funds. So we thought it logical to expand our partnership to enable Australian sponsors to provide beyond just the Bible resources. We praise God that many Aussies have a heart for the gospel and for reaching Indonesia! We have seen dozens of students funded for their mission work!

Gunar ministers to the poorOne sponsor, Nick, said, “I want to give to something that is making a difference. When I see the photos and video of those slums, I think, “Man, I should be there with God’s word. But I can’t. So I’ll support those who can.”

We didn’t know if people would financially support this type of ministry, but already dozens of students have sponsorship for their ministry.  Aussies want to make a difference and now dozens of Aussies are serving the Lord with their generosity… Thankyou and Praise God!

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