Mission in flip flops… really?

Pair of flip flopsOn casual Friday, people turn up to work in jeans and a smart shirt. But very few would even think to bust out the iconic Aussie thongs (or better known to our international friends as “flip flops”). But this summer, Christians are on mission in a unique environment where it wouldn’t be out of place to don the Aussie thong.

During the summer break, thousands of holiday makers turn up on NSW beaches looking for sun, sand and surf. With the hottest year on record, there’s no better place than beside the rolling waves at one of hundreds of our beaches. Amidst the caravans and tents, 52 Scripture Union mission teams set up marque tents and put on holiday Target Beach, NSWprograms for children and adults alike. Their hope is to be a blessing to the campers, adding fun activities and creative events to their holiday schedule.

Many times, people are interested in knowing more about what they are doing and why. It’s the perfect opportunity to gently share God’s Word in a relational context. Most times, our SGM Lifewords’ booklets are the perfect gift to leave with people. One mission worker told us,
The Little Book of Help is my favourite to give. No one has ever rejected it, and most are keen to flick through and read more. It looks great and is packed with truth.”

Little Book of Help collageYounger ones are given You Matter while some of the young adults might be given the more artistic, modern version of the prodigal son story shared in the Suppose booklet. The impact is obvious with their testimonies:

“Previously I had nothing to give out after a God conversation. Now, I don’t need to know all the right things to say – I can let God’s word speak for itself! The booklets help me have a conversation about what God’s word actually says.”

We were really blessed to be given a grant to print those necessary booklets, and next year we hope we can raise more funds to print booklets for the ongoing Summer mission. Why not contribute something toward this cause? You can donate here today.

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