Bible brings comfort to volcano survivors

Mount Kelud, Volcano IndonesiaThousands of Bible booklets have been sent to the volcano area of Mount Kelud where 100,000 people have been displaced. Some have perished, while thousands are homeless and uncertain of their future.

Our Indonesian Director, Gunar Sahari gave us this report:

“Last week we sent a lot of booklets to Pastor Sukarli. He serves among people who live near Kelud Mountain whom errupted and killed some and made many homeless. He is going to visit many villages to distribute the booklets, especially to people who face difficulty because of Kelud Erruption. Please pray so that all the people who received the booklets will find help and comfort through the Word of God.”

DisplacedWe also sent booklets to Pastor Yoppy Muskita who is the coordinator of the Pastors Fellowship in Tulungagung, Kediri and Blitar. This will supply 20 other Pastors with Picking up the Pieces, and our prayer is that many people will receive comfort through the living word of God.

The problem is, we are running out of booklets and would like to print and send more. Here in Australia-New Zealand, we’ve decided to set up a “Disaster Relief Fund” so that we are ready to print booklets the moment a natural disaster strikes. Within 48hrs, we could have God’s word in the hands of Chaplains and Pastors if we are ready.

GOAL: $5000

Would you give to our Disaster Relief Fund?

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