Mission students: starting the year strong

Mission students ministering in Cideng, Jakarta

Mission students ministering in Cideng, Jakarta

This week, dozens of mission students will return to Jakarta from their Christmas break. Most have been visiting their home villages, seeing family and loved ones for the first time in a year.

But the new year kicks in quickly as the need never goes on break. So many of the city poor struggle through Christmas while the western world spends up big. Village dwellers brace as the monsoon rains brings extensive flooding and ruins crops. The less fortunate need hope in this season and students will resume their mission from Day 1.

In a recent initiative, SGM Lifewords have made it possible for individuals to sponsor these mission students. Our sponsorship program began in November 2013, and so far half a dozen students are now having their burden lifted as we provide support and training. These are the first of 70 students that we’d like to support as they bring God’s word, healing and hope to poor communities around Indonesia.

Would you pray for them this week? Pray that they would arrive safely back to College. Pray that they will have their needs met this year. Pray for fruit in their various mission fields. And perhaps you may consider sponsoring a student? Let us know at newzealand@sgmlifewords.com and we’ll send out a pack.

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