4 Things We Do

What does SGM Lifewords do?

Here it is in 4 simple points…things we do

1. We create and give Bible booklets… free.

We want the Bible to be accessible and understood by everyday people who don’t usually read scripture. And we freely give Bible resources because we believe the Bible should be accessible to everyone regardless of socio-economic standing.

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2. We give scriptures to unreached people.

For example, Indonesia has one of the largest portions of unreached people in the world, therefore SGM Lifewords has a growing mission work in Indonesia. In Australia and New Zealand, we raise money for the Bible work in Indonesia and other unreached regions, and we regularly report of its fruitfulness.

3. We develop new methods for sharing scripture.

Our Facebook “VerseFirst” page has 5000 followers. Our online films and video resources are seen by thousands. Our Life-changing Words email has over 35,000 people subscribed. We invest in new technologies to connect the Bible with where people are at culturally.

4. We translate Bible portions into hundreds of languages.

Whole Bible’s are hard to translate and require a lengthy process. We translate our Bible booklets into over 1200 languages so the gospel can be read.

This is our mission, and we’ve been a faith mission for 125 years!

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