Students have a huge impact, but struggle with small wallet

“Why did I start a Bible College? Because I have a dream to reach tens of thousands of Indonesians with the gospel. I don’t think it’s just my dream, but God’s dream. It may be possible if we do it together…” Gunar Sahari, SGM Lifewords Indonesia

Student sponsorshipNow, with 160 full-time students, Gunar’s dream is becoming a reality. Every weekend, students are ministering to the poor in the streets; church planting in villages; running kids programs; and giving SGM Lifewords Bible booklets to whoever they meet. They literally touch the lives of thousands – but now they need our help!

More than 70 students cannot afford their college fees, food or accommodation. Twice this year, the college couldn’t pay their staff. Students are scrambling to find petrol to reach their ministry field work. It’s a weekly challenge, but they still keep going. Friends, we can help.

SGM Lifewords is formally partnering Moriah College to teach students, equip them with Bible resources, and train them as missionaries. This month, we are LAUNCHING A NEW SPONSOR-A-STUDENT program and would love you to be a part of it! You can facilitate their ministry and mission work by providing a monthly sponsorship, encouraging letters and prayer. Would you consider sponsoring an SGM Lifewords Bible College student? For more info, contact

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