Facebook: Friend or Foe?

William Walters was a cutting edge kind of guy. When he started SGM in 1888, he was using new print technology to do business and chose to use the same tool to spread God’s Word.

125yrs later, the world has changed but the Word remains the same. People are reading less and less from paper and more and more from a screen. For the first time in history, e-book

Verse First facebook pg has over 5000 followers

Verse First facebook pg has over 5000 followers

s have outsold printed books; mobile phones outnumber humans; and nearly 1 billion people interact daily on a thing called “Facebook” (FB).

Some object to FB because of the potential for bullying, sharing illicit material or the “front” it allows people to project (after all, we want people to see our good side, right?). But just like printed material, the tool can be used for good as well as evil.

In July 2012, we thought that God’s Word could be shared through FB. We set up “Verse First” – a FB page that encourages young people to connect with God’s Word before connecting with everyone else. Today, over 5000 people get a daily scripture sent to their newsfeed. Hundreds “like” each post. Others comment on the verse or share it with others. As habits change, we too must adapt to find new ways of sharing God’s word. Find Verse First at www.facebook.com/versefirst

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