Banyak hamba Tuhan membutuhkan pelatihan “Kisah Nyata”

Indo school kidsIn Jakarta last month, Ps Gunar Sahari invited a few pastors to learn about the SGM Lifewords’ booklets – but more than a few turned up! Once the word got out, the small informal meeting turned into a seminar with 30 Pastors eager for Bible resources and The Visible Story training. Many of our resources are available in the local language of Bahasa Indonesian, so the demand is great. Some of their favourite booklets were You Matter and Picking up the Pieces – such relevant titles for those working amongst the lower socio-economic groups of Indonesia.

SGM Lifewords supplied each Pastor with Bible booklets and invited them to return for a training session of The Visible Story. Many were also interested in sending children’s workers to our Pavement Project training in September.

It reminds us of Jesus’ words that “the harvest is great but the workers are few”. Our challenge in Indonesia is to have enough resources & man-hours to equip and train the many who need it!

Please consider giving toward these Bible training resources which give mission workers the chance to use The Visible Story program. Give generously so God’s Word can spread!