Everything is free. So how did we make it to 125yrs?

125yrs of goodnessThis year, we celebrate 125 years of Bible mission work! We believe the Bible should be available to everyone, so we make all our booklets and programs available for free. So how has SGM Lifewords kept going if we give everything for free? In fact, how have we kept growing?

The answer is simple: People believe that this is a mission worth supporting – afterall, so many of us took our earliest steps of faith because of an SGM Lifewords Bible Booklet!

Over the years, there have been thousands of individuals, foundations, churches, and businesses who have donated money, print runs, resources and even volunteers so that this Bible mission could thrive. Because of that, we’ve been able to make a huge difference for people all around the world. It’s exciting to think that we’ve produced over 1 Billion Bible products; reached 30,000 children at risk; printed into 1200 different languages; and received testimonies of literally thousands who have been changed by God’s life words.

These days, we encourage Bible booklet users to “Pay It Forward”. Most people in the western world could afford to purchase their booklets, but we don’t sell them – we simply ask that people might consider continuing the cycle of generosity and pay it forward to the next person. So often, people give much more than they order. That gives us the chance to give free resources to others who cannot afford it. Therefore, no one goes without God’s life words. And it’s been that way for 125 years…

To give toward this amazing faith mission, please follow this link to donate online and make it possible for so many more to get God’s Word.