Westmead Childrens Hospital says, “thankyou Lifewords!!”

The Children’s hospital at Westmead, Sydney is a major referral hospital for seriously ill children. They draw patients from multicultural Sydney, NSW and the other States, and even patients from overseas. Kate Bradbury is one of 8 Chaplaincy staff who work in the hospital and they use SGM Lifewords’ booklets to bring comfort and healing to parents and patients alike. Kate recently told us, sick child

“To have a seriously ill child in hospital in a foreign country is a frightening experience, but to face this trauma without the support of extended family and friends takes it to another level.”

Kate and her team have been blessed to receive some of our foreign titles and say that this makes a huge difference for those with English as a second language.

The French "Finding Hope" booklet brought strength to a New Caledonian family with a very sick child

The French “Finding Hope” booklet brought strength to a New Caledonian family with a very sick child

“This week I visited a New Caledonian woman with a child suffering from cancer. The situation is really serious and she was distraught. Our conversation was broken as her English was limited. I apologised for my lack of French but was able to take a couple of your booklets as a way of showing my concern and understanding that heart language is important. We talked together and prayed together in broken English. These little books really broke the ice for me and have provided a way to care for a family who is far from home and facing a very serious and sad situation.”

God sends the chaplains to be with people in the midst of their pain. We are blessed to make Bible’s available to Chaplains like Kate. Please pray for them in their vital task! And if you’d like any foreign titles, please visit our Global Resource Website at http://resources.sgmlifewords.com/global/en/